towable banner


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Hi everyone. I've been making Ukraine flags and I have some fabric left over that's too small to be made into an official flag size. Would anyone have interest in a small nylon banner (approx 12"x36") of the blue and yellow Ukraine flag. I made one to try over the weekend but a foot of snow followed by 50mph winds put a little damper on our flying.

The banner has a hem at one end where a dowel would go. It will need weights on the bottom of the dowel. Like I said, I have no idea if these will work but if there's any interest, I'll make some up. Profits from the sales are being donated to World Central Kitchen.

Let me know if there's interest and I'll post a link to the item.

Also, if these do fly well, I'll come up with a US flag version that I''ll bring to flitefest for a group flight.