Transmiter/Reciever woes


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Greetings All, again,

It seems like all I do is ask for help on this thing but I can't seem to find answers anywhere else.

First a bit of information. I have a Versacopter V.2 that I have been working on and finally got fully assembled. I am useing a Graupner MZ-12 transmitter with a GR-18 receiver. After I performed my initial setup and tried to fly it I realized after several broken props that I had a couple of the gyros assigned incorrectly and that the work surface that I had assumed was flat and level really wasn't. Using a precision spirit level and some very small shims I re-centered the gyros and then reassigned the Roll, Nick, and Yaw. Unfortunately all I seem to have done is make it flop around like a fish out of water and break another prop.

I again re-centered the gyros and and reassigned them but after I did so the receiver on the Versa went into alarm mode and beeps continuously. I thought the problem might be with the ESCs so I re-calibrated them and that seemed to correct the problem of the beeping but the only control input that would then work was the throttle. (Yes I had taken it out of ESC Calibration Mode and back to normal mode). Unfortunately as soon as I powered down and the reconnected the receiver the alarm beeping came back.

I know that is a lot of information and some of it may have no bearing but I figure complete explanation is better than not enough information.

Any Ideas on what I am doing wrong?