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Transmitter and receiver

Hello Mistah you need to be more precise. Do you have a transmitter and receiver yet? How much do you want to spent is it a transmitter for an airplane or maybe for a car. You need to be more precise with you questions or nobody can help you. How much do you want to spent? There are 5 dollar radios on the markter but there are also radios which are about 1000 dollar.
If you give us this information we can help you

chopper or plane. Please be more precise about what you want. Do you want a programmable radio with a lcd screen or just a normal radio?

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Fly the wings off
Dude, what are you looking to do? Are you learning to fly or are you starting for the first time? How much are you looking to spend entirely? Do you have any experience with RC flight? There's a milliion options here, if you give us some more information we can give you better advice. BNF is pretty brand specific. That was a term coined by horizon hobby for their parkzone, hobbyzone and eflite brands. The spektrum and JR radios that use DSM2 are compatible with the horizon brands BNF planes but not others. For most brands you must buy a transmitter and receiver that are compatible and then install them in your plane or helicopter. There are now some "anylink" compatible planes that include an adapter to fit any radio so that you don't need to buy a receiver. If you are looking to go as cheap as possible then you should probably look to the hobbyking brands but there's going to be more setup required on your end.


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Hey Mistah Ken, being a new flyer myself, and bewildered by the choices, I opted for the Firebird Commander 2. Doesn't look very sexy but I found it easy to learn to fly on. It has everything you need in the box with the added "advantage" of using Ni-MH batteries which don't need the kind of charger/power source arrangement which the LiPos need. I bought 2 extra batteries which gives me a total of 1 hour plus flying time. You really only need half throttle to keep the plane in the air and it will glide for quite a while once it's high up. Follow the advice in the wee manual and you will be fine. I am still enjoying my Commander and am now flying with a camera and getting some great shots.

TomNT Newflyer.