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Transmitter Beeping

This morning I was ready to test out the newly installed Turnegy Park 300 1380 motor on one of my planes. After turning the transmitter on (OrangeRx T-Six) the screen began blinking along with a nonstop beeping. It continued no matter what I did to stop it. I checked the batteries and the screen showed 4.6 volts remaining. With no section in the manual to explain and correct this type of condition the next best thing to do is to get help.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? If so what was the problem and how did you correct it.
I just had the same thing happen. That beeping that makes you want to kick a puppy is a low battery warning. Because, you know when you have a big back lit dot matrix LCD screen it would be to hard to have it say LOW BATTERY in the corner with a warning beep.