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Transmitter for a newbie!, Motor sizing etc...


Junior Member
Guys - Love the forum and have learned so much here. Up until now my son and I have been flying RTF models - parkzone mostly.

This spring we plan to step up to some more complex models and we would love to build a microaces sptifire. We also need to acquire a proper transmitter and I have been drawn to the Turnigy 9x which seems to be highly recommended and has a great price point.

My questions:

1) With something like the 9X can you use Spektrum receivers - I realize the MIcroaces require the purchase of a separate receiver that has integrated servos, is there any way to get the turnigy to talk to these. I really don;t want to fork out the dough for a Spektrum transmitter.

2) Does anyone know of a place to purchase a Turnigy transmitter in Canada - the shipping costs from HobbyKing are almost as much as the transmitter and I have no idea about duty costs...probably another $30. Alternately, I travel to London for work a lot and could pick one up there.

3) Motors: Is there a useful resource somewhere to explain and help estimate motor sizes - we would like to build our own "nutball" style plane but the motor sizing is a bit confusing at times.

Thanks in advance for your advice!



Senior Member
1. You can buy the Orange Module for the 9X or 9XR in order to use Spektrum receivers.


2. Have you looked into buying one from the USA warehouse?


Otherwise, try buying one used on Rcgroups classified section.


3. Try searching the threads here on flitetest to see what motors others are using, or go to rcgroups and do a search on nutball. You should be swamped with info.