Transmitter/Receivers will mine work?


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Hi all first post here,

Old 3D Heli guy here I haven't flown in a long time and a lot has changed. I thinks its been 8+ years i stopped flying right around the time DSMX came to be and FPV/Drones where just getting popular in my arena.

I have an original Spectrum DX7 and a JR 12X. The DX7 apears to be DSM2 and the JR 12X just indicates DSM. Neither where upgraded to DSMX don't even know if that is possible but I remember something about that back then. I'd rather not buy a new radio. I've tried researching this and its confusing with all the new protocols.

Questions: Will either of these radios work with these new flight controllers if so what controllers and receiver/gear would I need??? If not any work arounds???

My intentions are to build a Gremlin.

For the keen eyed yes the 12X is missing a few switches It suffered a fall off the counter at my friends hobby shop years ago. Going to fix that soon.

Thanks for any input.


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The DX7 will work just fine with any receiver that is DSM2 & DSMX compatible. I believe but do not quote I think the JR is the same way. Many of the Lemon and Spektrum receivers are set up this way, the Lemons are a very good reasonably priced receivers.