Tricopter Takes Flight Finally!


Never catch a multirotor
Tobster, that was actually quite good !! For sure not better then me ..
Sorry for the crash but I like the vid.
What was the damage ?
Glad you liked the vid :) my motors came off like they were meant too. but the crash was even tom much for even my yaw guard and my yaw was demolished. i built a new one today hopefully this one with work better im afraid it might be a bit heavy but its pretty sturdy i think. im waiting for HK to send me davids V2.5 Yaw.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
how on earth did you see that from the ground?!?!?!

Awesome video! A little shaky controls but that get better with practice
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Never catch a multirotor
Yeah Toby, I know.. Need to end less time working and more time flying. Still need to maiden the radicalrc tricopter and the mini quad .. And PLEASE, some better weather with no wind !! ;-)