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Truck driver challenge


Junior Member
Hi gang! Ok so I've come up with this challenge for myself being a trucker, but I think its something others might enjoy as well. Being a novice to intermediate r/c pilot and a trucker on the move, my flight area and options are limited. Also my carrying space is limited on the truck itself.. thank you micro!! Lol!
The challenge. While flying my parkzone umx spitfire yesterday, I was standing near some van trailers. And started thinking to myself, wouldn't it be fun to land on and take off on top of one of those? Or do touch and goes off them etc. So I've challenged myself to get good enough to do just that! Of course it would take being able to park my truck and trailer in an open and safe area.. but hey! I think I can do it soon.
So there it is! A challenge for myself, other fans, truckers and the ft crew!!



Junior Member
I have done this with an empty flat bed and a 30" coursair, I wouldn't be brave enough to try a van body landing, but I like the idea, try and get a video of it