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TuffWing 32


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Greetings from the other Island in the Pacific folks...
I"m as excited as a dingo in a maternity ward!:D
Cutting my proverbial combat teeth on the Tek Sumo (which is an absolute blast to fly) i wanted another
wing so my son and I could wreek some havoc together.

Check out my build blog.

This is gonna be some fun I think!
If it flies as good as it looks........


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Thomas is crazy over wings now. Every time he flies his TekSumo it comments on how its his BEST plane! I never liked wings at all until I flew the TekSumo! I can't wait to have a go of a Wing of my own :)

I really like the color of this one. I can't wait to hear how it flies :)


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Well that was easy. Build was easy. Maiden was easy.
Using a camera that takes great pictures and really lousy videos..not so easy..that and the cameraman can't seem to focus on two things at the same time.:black_eyed:
Trimmed with only two clicks on the controls and it was as an uneventful couple flights.
Fast enough for both myself and my son to fly at this stage of our learning curve. Expos and d/r at 40 % but we actually flew it on full throws the whole time.... just three mistakes high just in case...... lol
The one and only issue that we had with the TuffWing is that we will have to get used to it's razor like profile when it's approaching or departing. Makes for a sleek and fast wing, but you really have to pay attention.
I completely lost it on four of five video attempts and believe it or not, this was the best of the lot...
Great flying wing and I will likely buy another.
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Brought out an older digital camera with an actual viewfinder to see if I can get better videos.
Short clip on the third flight.
REALLY nice wing to fly. Glad I had the Tek to get my feet wet on, as this wing is so much faster.

Small issue with the motor...one of the windings was sticking out and causing the motor to bind....
I know I didn't do the right thing by simply cutting it off and tucking it back in, but it seems to have worked! :eek:


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Actually, I did! Had a couple spare motors so, I really didn't care...
Believe it or not, it still works fine. lol