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Tuning kk 2 board

Hi everyone,
I need your help with something. I'm tuning my quad and even though I watched a bunch of how to video on YouTube, I don't seem to be able to tune my quad the way everyone is flying. my current setting is 60 P gain 40 I gain on roll and pitch. 120 P gain and 50 I gain on yaw. whenever I turn the quad to the left or right, it loses its altitude, should I tune P gain on yaw down more? also the quad is not vibrating rapidly but it's very hard to control the altitude, should I decrease the P gain on pitch?

please help

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You may have already watched THIS, but if your quad is in the 450mm range, the settings mentioned in the video should work pretty well. I used them to set up my 450 DJI clone, and it flew good the first second off the ground.


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Dont forget when you move your quad around one or more motors slows down. What happens when a motor slows down....... you come down. Just a though
I do understand that however when I watch others fly their quad, their quads don't seem to lose altitude as much, mine almost hit the ground so I suspect that my setting is really off. I followed the tuning guide from kaptainkurk but the high speed oscillation is very hard to see. I even turn the P gain to 130 and can't really see high speed oscillation. I turned it down because I saw somewhere it says that high p gain leads to jumpy quads. even now at 60 it still seems jumpy, maybe I should scale down my throttle stick?


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Thanks for the advices guys. One last question, I changed out my motors because the ball bearings were badly destroyed, maybe that was why it was so hard to tune it. I swapped in the new motors and everything seems much better now. However the quad seems to wander on its own more than before. Should I be increasing I gain or P gain and on which axis?


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well, what do you mean by "wandering"?

Does it look like it's tilting, just drifiting in the wind, or in one direction relitive ot the airframe? Is there rudder drift (slowly changing headding one way)? Is Self-Level on? is it wobbling a little? a lot? not at all?

Don't mean to flood with questions, but to get good answers we need a good description of what it's doing wrong (and maybe why you think it's doing it). Otherwise we'll point you in the wrong direction . . . or no direction at all.


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Thanks for the vid.

First off, you're flying this in your living room -- it can't be that far off, control wise, if it's that stable.

back to questions:

Was your air conditioning running? (assuming you have AC -- here in middle Georgia, it's just something we assume) Air currents will push it around.

Were you giving it any more input than throttle? Did it tend to drift in one direction and you brought it back, or just continue drifting in in any direction after you released the control stick? Even with well trimmed self level, it will keep momentum when it comes back to neutral, but it shouldn't wander randomly without random input form the pilot

I'm also assuming you're flying with self level on. When fine tuning, you need to be in acro mode, otherwise self level will hide the flight charicteristics.

If you're not ready to flying in full acro mode (I *wouldn't* recomend it in your living room!), fly for a while in self level as it is. Get used to it. If you need a training manuver, try just doing slow figure 8 circuits around the middle of a small field, stopping at the end to practice hovering. Take it up, and when you're comfrotable, switch to acro. Fly for a few seconds and switch back. keep at it doing small figure 8 tracks until you can do two slow tracks without switching out of acro. Then consider turning up your gains and seeing what it does.

Keep in mind: Quads need space. Hovering in your living room is fine (and fun), but to really tune the quad you need room to move. Most of the fine tuning steps involve getting the quad in an attitude that will pick up some speed and seeing what it does. you don't need a enormous area, but a small open field will help.
Hi Dan,
This is the quad in normal mode (no auto level). There's no AC on, here in Montreal it's starting to get cold. Regarding stick inputs, it's mostly throttle input to hold the altitude, I did add some roll and pitch inputs to keep it in place but not much, almost no yaw input there. I also dialed in some expo to smooth out the control. Toward the end it bounced around, up n down a bit more because my battery is running low so there was a sudden drop in altitude.

I want to bring it outside too, just that most of the time I'm free in the evening so it's hard to fly in the dark/cold right now.


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That looks as good as it gets till you get high enough to avoid prop wash and ground effect. Houses are weird places to fly because all those fans running on your copter cause strange air patterns in the room which can push the craft around making it appear not as stable as you would like it to be.



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In that case, I agree with the others -- you're doing just fine with it. Bundle up and give her some clear sky to run. Once you start pulling her off center and picking up some speed, you'll see any sluggishness or overshoot in the controls.