Turnigy 1806 or 2206


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Hi All

My First post here.

Like 10 years back I used to make small park flyers from speed 280 and speed 400 motors and now I need to get back in to the hobby.

As I have no experience what so ever with brushless motors, I would like to get your advice choosing a motor for models of span between 800mm to 1m and weights between 300-500g. Intended flying style is very basic trainer type or simple sport.

From these 2 motors which one would you guys recommend to get ?


Thanks so much in advance.


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Welcome to the forum.

Quick Rule of Thumb for sizing electric motors -- 100-200 W/lb will get you somewhere between a trainer and mildly aerobatic plane.

300-500g is .6 to 1.1lbs . . . so we're looking at needing 60-220W, depending on how light you build and how gentle you want it to fly.

The first motor is rated to 10A, maxed to 3S (11.1v), so it tops out at just over 100W. kinda low in that range, but acceptable.

The second is rated to 23A, maxed to 4S (14.8v), so it tops out around 340W. You can always go with a lower voltage to tame it down -- on 3S it's 250W, and under-proping a bit can tame it even further.

Keep in mind . . . these motors may be close to the RPM you're used to in the faster brushed cans, but most of those ran with a gearbox if the prop was any reasonable length. You wont' find a gearbox to mate with these motors, so you'll need to be able to run these direct drive. It's not that big of a challenge, but you'll need to live with a 5" to 6" prop, which will limit what you can do with these motors.


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Interesting name. Would you be so kind as to tell us more abut yourself. Ours is a community that likes to connect.

If you need further guidance you can check out some comparable airframes and see what power plants they have. The FT Store has many planes and recommended power packs that coulld help you decide which of your choices would be more appropriate.

Welcome to the forum.


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Hi Crafty Dan

Thanks for the info.
Im gonna go ahead a buy few 2206 in this case.

Hi Jim
Thanks, Im from Australia.
Im not 100% sure whether there is a regional forum for Australia to get together here.
If yes please be kind enough to point me to it.

Happy flying for all