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Turnigy 9X CH6 dead space


I'm using my 9X for my multirotors and I'm using cH6 or ch7 for my camera tilt.
I guess this is some simple setting, but I haven't found it.

Ch6 is connected to one of the knobs on the radio and when I turn the knob from midpoint (50%) to about 30-35% nothing happens, then at about 29% the servo connected to ch6 makes a jump and then works as normal down to 0%

I hope your guys understand and can help me with the settings.
9X - are you using the default firmware or ER9X or similar?

I had some sketchy performance and it was caused by wrong PPM signal setup in ER9X
After I changed the PPM frame length it was OK
(Im using FR-Sky DIY modules)
It turned out to be a faulty knob. When I push the knob down at the same time as turning it, it works, so I might have to replace it.