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turnigy 9x help

Hey, just joined the forum

wondering if you guys had any answers to these problems ive been having

1. i have the turnigy 9x and i couldn't figure out how to program flaperons to the gear switch on the right. right now im flying with with the ailerons on the aildiff setting and the flaperons on the airbrake setting. while this is fine, i stil dont like using the 3 position switch because its hard for me to find when im flying. and the flapserons will only work when the switch is i the middle.

2. im also noticing throttle delay when my throttle is pushed up real quick. i go from 0 to 100% throttle and the motor lags behind by almost 2 seconds. the throttle delay function is off.

ive been dealing with these problems since ive gotten the radio and its starting to frustrate me finaly.:mad:

if the flite test crew reads this, they should do a series of turnigy 9x how-to's on in that go in depth how to set up commonly used functions on the 9x. there's a severe lack of help for the 9x, and id greatly appreciate it! i watch your videos every chance i get. i love learning about rc planes and watching your challenges! keep up the awesome show!

any help with my problems above be greatly appreciated,


nevercrashed-I dealt with similar frustrations as you when I first tried to program my Turnigy 9x. How's it going? Have you figured some stuff out? I ended up using the aux. 2 knob for my flaperons. It works great and I can even dial in "spoilers" (crow?) if I want to drop in fast. But, I really like the 3 position switch that FlyingMonkey posted in the video.

On point #2, that may be "soft start" programming in the esc. Review the esc programming documentation if you received it. It should tell you how to change that setting.