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Turnigy 9X looses signal within less than 100m


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I was flying my quadcopter when suddenly it stops receiving the transmitter commands: it starts to fly by itself, that's it, it keeps the last information received by the receiver from the transmitter.

I put the throttle down so it would go down and I would be able to land it. When the receiver reconnected to the transmitter, the quadcopter fell down and crashed.

The most impressive was that it was just 70m far from me.

The Turnigy 9X receiver was close to some capactitors, resistances and an OSD. The 5.8ghz video transmitter was 10cm far from it, as well as the ESCs and the GPS. I didn't fly near to a high voltage/current wire or any antenna.

What could cause the interference?





Misfit Multirotor Monkey
I can't really tell from the all the wires, but do you have iron ferrite cores on your ESC control wires? Also, when you can, try and twist wire pairs. Not alot, maybe a turn every half inch. Other than that, it's really hard to guess with the info you provided.


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I don't use ferrite core on the ESC control wires. Would be better to use the default ferrite ring or the clip on ferrite ring?

Default ferrite ring:

Clip on ferrite ring:

I'm going to twist the wires ;)


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I checked the wire but apparently it doesn't have any problem. Beyond that, I had hot glued the antenna wire to strengthen it
......or as many as you can.....the more the better, along with braiding wire as cyberdactyl suggested and shorting up any and all wire that does not need to be so long......you really need to range test this rx with it safely on the ground.....have you tried another rx? There are a myriad if possible issues, cleaning up wires/rf noise is a start but turnigy has had some rare issues with the way in which the shielding coax on the antenna is soldered to the pcb. not suggesting you tear open your rx right now but as cheap as these things are, may consider ordering a handful just in case.


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Cyberdactyl and lonewolf7717, thanks for the information! ;) i'll do that

I've opened the tx module and the 2 wires are soldered very close, they are almost touching each other. Does anybody know the wire used in the antenna? RG176, RG8,..... something like these?


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kkarioka, thanks for the feedback, i'll keep the gps away from the receiver ;)

ps: receiver should be placed apart from everything! hehheeh