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:: Turnigy Neck Strap Mod ::


Rotor Riot!
- Turnigy Neck Strap of Awesomeness - Mod -

by colorex



The Turnigy Neck Strap is very useful, very tough, and very cool-looking - however, it's very long. If you're the type that likes to hold the transmitter up against your chest, then you have probably noticed that it's a bit hard to adjust that much. It will adjust as much as you need, but then it's impossible to take it off.

Enter modding powers. With half an hour of spare time, you can easily adjust the strap to fit your needs. The main modification is to remove the little extra piece of strap between the metal clip and the plastic clip. Here's how:


This is how the smaller strap is attached to the clip.

We can use this tool to open it. Not available at hobby stores, ask your mom or your wife for one.

Use it to cut up the stitches on the strap.

Remove the small strap. Don't throw it away, use it to Turnigy-fy it.

Now grab the plastic clip and cut the corners a bit (cut on the backside, put it on to see which side is the right one) so you can do this:

Now use zip-ties to fasten the metal clip to the plastic clip.

One zip-tie is not enough, add a few more. Notice the cross-pattern, insert the zip-tie through the other hole first to get this.

And finally, two more. Now cut the extra pieces off.

Looks really good from the front!

Now you'll be able to use the Turnigy strap and adjust it so that you can wear the transmitter up to your chest.


If you didn't throw the small strap away, then feel free to do this:

Cut it to size. Sew the edges in.

Cut of the extra material, and burn the edges slightly so that it doesn't come undone.

Sew it onto a longer strap.

Add some velcro.

Wear with pride!

I don't find the lenght a problem, what I need to "mod" is the balance point on the 9x radio.... got any hints on a cool mod for that? Other than just buying an attachment that is.


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Since you're already sewing it up, could you just sew it as short as you can get the foot of the sewing machine to each part and not have to rely on zip ties? Then it would still look factory.


I like big leccy planes
I have always found this problem too lol, too get it short enough it is hard to get over my head. With 10 or so lying about I may have to try this:D


Rotor Riot!
Sorry, I've never tried to balance a radio.Dezertdog, just showing the awesomeness af zip ties. Nibnobsam, cool! I've got two, so I have a long one and a short one.
Balance is depending on your powersource.

I use small 2S 900mAh LIPO taht fits nice inside but I also purchased Trustfire's that are going to replace the 900's
Either way the transmitter still leans towards your belly and on my Spektrum I bought a CNC'd piece of alloy to alter the balancepoint.
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