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Hello, greetings from overseas. I do have a big problem. Years ago I bought a Turnigy T9X radio and got carried away by the deluge of mod infos and suggestions how to make the T9X the super radio. I got a smartyboard to flash the TX with open TX. It worked and I updated the firmware as soon as a new version came out. My latest versionon the TX is open tx-9 128 2.0.19. date 2016.04.12. EEPR 217-32768. After that update I couldn't update anymore. My TX is a Turnigy T9X V.2. I bricked ( as it's called in the US) the Mainboard and installed a replacement which was a board with higher memory (128 vs. 64). The unit worked well (and works well). My question is - is there in the forum a specialist who could help me? For any answer I am really thankful.


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I’m not sure I understand your situation, you have a bricked Tx, installed a replacement board, which works.
There are many here who use OpenTx.
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I think OpenTX does not support the 9X past 2.1.9. Not sure if that is the cutoff. Most of the recent work in OpenTX has been to support the new FrSky radios.

Interest in the 9X is much less than it was. None of the upgrade boards are still in production. FrSky has kept it alive with a new AFHDS 2A module but that seems to be a bit pointless because it does not let you take advantage of the AFHDS 2A features and it limited by AFHDS 2A model match.

There may be a current version of er9X that supports the 9X though whether that really gets you anything more that just using OpenTX 2.1.9 I cannot say.