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Twin boom design

Hey FT team,

I have just got back into RC after almost 11 years out of the hobby. had a little foam starter when i was 12 and haven't picked up a radio since.

I have had a design for a twin boom push prop aircraft for some time and Im super curious if this could be turned into either a swapable or a motor mounted design on FT.

I need to draw up the designs in detail but it seems fairly close in design to the simple soarer fuselage, and a wing similar to that of the baby blender.

Once i finish up the designs ill be happy to post them up for feedback.
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I have only flown the Skymaster as a pusher. (see signature or link in TTMR's post.) I've only made one so far and the biggest downfall of it was that the ailerons where too small. It also needed more speed than what the motor I had on it could produce. But Version 2 fixes both of those issues because I made the ailerons bigger and the plane smaller. (I'm going to build Version 2 soon.)

jcannon614, it's very rewarding to design something yourself, build it yourself, and have it fly successfully. If you can, try to build your own design as a swappable. If it doesn't work out, you can try to find what flaws it has and learn from it. There is no such thing as a mistake, just a learning opportunity.
thank you so much for the inspiration. I just finished putting the fuselage, wings and stabilizers on my first scratch FT Old Speedster to get back into the hobby (still have to purchase all of the hardware and electronics). I saw you had used Google sketch-up for the plans, what do you use to unfold, I have pepakura that i was using on other paper crafts and was wondering if thats what was standard practice in the RC community, otherwise any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Main reason I was curious about a swappable twin boom is because of the Maker Trainer 2.
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I just unfold my plans myself inside of Sketchup. I usually just copy the entire plane, then "explode" it all, then copy and paste each wall/side and rotate it onto the floor in Sketchup.
I just recycled my simple soarer wing by flattening it out and put ailerons on it. Used 2 balsa booms to replicate a tail about the same length and height as the ss. Havnt attached the peice that holds the swappable pod on yet as a pusher but it ended up being huuuuge. If it works out well ill let you know because it sounds similar to the one that you have plans for.