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Twin boom foamie project finally finished

Heres my twin boom project finally in the air, it is the first time I have designed and built a plane from scratch and I am quite pleased with the results. I wanted a gentle stable plane to do some video shots from and I like twin booms like the P38 so this is my take on it. I wanted a high lift wing so I have built the wing in an aerofoil shape and mounted it at a 6 degree angle and it works great as you can see from the vid. Unfortunatley I have had to fix the landing gear in position as it needs a bit of modification to stop it folding up on heavy landings and I didn't want to pull all it to pieces to do it so I will apply the mods on my next model. It still has the working suspension though and that works a treat!
heres s few specs
AUW is 70 ozs (this includes a 3600mah battery which gives about 10 mins)
WS is 60"
length is 59 inches
motor 800kv (from a smashed up cessna 182 skylane) with a 12 x 8 prop