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UAV style foam board fpv


skunkworx hobbies
Yesterday I completed and test flew my new design for my fpv gear, I have loosely based my design off of the tailless aircraft you see on the market today. A high aspect ratio wing that is swept back. It took about 3 sheets of foam board and a small piece of blue foam to cover the panning servo in the nose. It flew great after I added the camera and fpv gear ( more nose weight then the original ballast from the first test flight). It has a really gentle stall and won't dip a tip if you try! Glides very well, their we're some birds flying in some thermals which I had to go investigate. It wasn't a sail plane by any means but I did increase my time gliding by a few minutes. my only problem is i need to find a plastic that is more clear to film through but other than that I really enjoy this one, definitely what the boys call a happy accident! Hopefully I will get a better computer to draw up some plans and maybe update the style a bit to give it a better look.

Wing span- 49"
Length- 30"
Fpv- 5.8
Camera- gopro
Motor- 2822 1200 kv
Battery- 2200mah 3s
Prop- 8x6
Weight ?
Sweep- 13"
Chord root- 8"
Chord tip with aileron- 9"
Aspect ratio- 3.43


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Nice wing. Is the camera housing clear acrylic or a soda bottle or something? And, did you put the camera on a gimbal? If you have the time and need for a strong clear housing, you could try your hand at vacuum forming a polycarbonate (aka Lexan) housing. you can get sheets of the stuff in all varieties of thicknesses to keep the weight to a minimum.


skunkworx hobbies
Its actually laminated plastic run through the laminator machine without anything between and by adding photography light filters between the laminated plastic you can also tint the lens. It's light strong and thin so practically no refraction on the curved surface. the camera is just on a pan gimbal for now. I made it from sheet metal, a Teflon bearing and a 9g servo on my rudder channel. I left a fair amount of space to upgrade to a 2 axis gimbal when I finish testing this out.


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I was thinking of building this type of design but out of corflute because foam board is hard to come by here.

Nice build man, I would love to get a copy of your plans if you post them.