Ughhhhh Graupner binding.......


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Hello to all from the great first state of Delaware!

So I am trying to use a 2.4Ghz MLP4DSM Rx from a blade nano qx with my Graupner Gr-12L-HoTT also n2.4ghz.

For the life of me I can not get them to bind.
Firmware issues with the Gr-12?
Seat to keyboard error?
I am stuck.

I dont know what other info would be helpful, I guess I am throwing it out here to see if anyone has had experiences taking a Blade Rx to another platform, or if it is even possible. In my mind 2.4 is 2.4 and bind is bind so what the hey?

>this guy stinks of noob<:confused:


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Hey rwehuman!

Unfortunately, you will NOT be able to bind your graupner to your DSM. Across all platforms(except for a select few) Graupner works with graupner, spektrum works with spektrum, fr sky works with fr sky...etc I know that there are adaptors for some radios(taranis) that have like dsmx connectors to allow for your taranis to use spektrum material. That is the only one I know of like that besides orange.

Hope this helps!