1. V

    Tiny Whoop Beecore F3 with Turnigy Evolution Bind Issue

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is where I should be posting but I've been working on a Tiny Whoop build for months now and can't figure out how to bind my Turnigy Evolution with it. I'm quite new to the hobby and have only successfully built a full size FPV Quadcopter, so this will be my first Tiny...
  2. C

    Bidding to a F4U Corsair

    Hi all, A while ago I had bought a F4U Corsair RTF model and unfortunately crashed it to disrepair. Recently I picked up the version of plane but with the only difference being that the new model is a BNF. Right now I am having troubles binding the new plane to my DX4e transmitter. I am...
  3. Wingman04

    Bind All

    I've been hearing about this thing that I believe it call BindAll. From what I understand, you put it on the back of your Tx and it will let you use ANY Rx. Is this true and how does it work? Sorry if I got the name wrong.
  4. W

    First Build Help -Tricopter

    I cannot seem to bind my Taranis to my receiver. I've detailed what I'm doing in the videos below. Hopefully someone can help me out here, as I have no idea...
  5. J

    Eachine ia6 output issues

    I have an Eachine Falcon 250 Pro with a naze32 and eachine ia6. I also got a qx70 and bound to it with my eachine i6, not realizing i needed a new profile for each model. Instead I made a new model and bound my ia6 to it after realizing that. The ia6 operates exactly the way it should, and it...
  6. N

    Graupner MZ-12 Bind/Unbind? Problem!

    Hello, I am building the Versacopter v2 using the Graupner MZ-12 combo with the GR-12L. I am aware that they came factory bound but this being my first quad build i was eventually going to run into problems. As i was going through the RF settings i scrolled down to "RX bind" and pressed the...
  7. R

    Ughhhhh Graupner binding.......

    Hello to all from the great first state of Delaware! So I am trying to use a 2.4Ghz MLP4DSM Rx from a blade nano qx with my Graupner Gr-12L-HoTT also n2.4ghz. For the life of me I can not get them to bind. Firmware issues with the Gr-12? Seat to keyboard error? I am stuck. I dont know what...
  8. D

    Spektrum Dx4e Bind Problem

    Hi, I have a Spektrum Dx4e and the bind key/button is broken...I was wondering if there is any way to bind with out using the bind key/button? Thanks.
  9. E

    Cannot bind Blade Inductrix with Spektrum DX6

    Hi, I am really hoping you guys can help me out here because I am going crazy with this. About a week ago I bought a Blade Inductrix BNF and have been using it without any issues with both my DX6 and an MLP4DSM that I have from a Blade MCX2. As of yesterday it refuses to bind on my DX6. It has...
  10. D

    r615x help! Throttle stops working AFTER bind

    So, I bind the Rx to the Tx. After all the beeps I can use the controls and throttle as normal. Then, when I power down, remove the bind plug, and power back up, Everything but the Throttle works. Things I've tried: 1) rebinding (about 12 times) 2) setting throttle stick to 100% to...
  11. L

    Flysky fs-t6 Pairing question

    Hi! I've got a problem pairing my flysky fs-t6 radio with my new orange r615 receiver. It's a 2.4ghz tx and rx. I've used the receiver that came with my radio, the flysky fs-r6b, on mu quad, but want to switch to cppm to allow for gps and a more tidier frame. I'm compleatley new at this, so any...
  12. J

    DX6 Receive Problems

    So I just upgraded my old DX6 to the newer model. And I hooked it up to the nano qx, it works great with that. But after I bound it to the receiver it came with, the light comes on that it is bound to a transmitter and it is getting power but when I hook it up to my plane none of the servos or...
  13. T

    HobbyKing Bixler - TX Light

    Hey There! I've had my H.K Bixler for a few months now, and have only had this problem recently. The light on my stock TX (Transmitter) is flashing. For most of my flights the light was solid, I've only had one flight in which the light was flashing and I quickly lost control, fortunately, the...