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This doesn't really fall under a category, so I'm gonna post it here. I have been into photography lately, a lot! And I guess I've been getting out of RC lately. I don't really want to get out of it. I haven't been flying in awhile. I kinda miss it, but I haven't really felt like going out and flying for awhile. My planes aren't in working order at all! I have a gas plane the kinda works, but I'm not comfortable with it. Any tips on how to get back into this great hobby? All tips will be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you! :)
Well, I don't have a lot of experience to pull from... but I know that the thing that initially kept me away from the hobby was wood construction and gas engines. I love building things and I love tinkering, but I really did not want to build a model only to crash it and I didn't want waste time trying to start an engine. So... the point is I recently got into the hobby with a foamy electric and I'm having a blast. I would recommend you get something like a Funjet ARF if you like something sporty or a Blixer or a Clouds Fly from HobbyKing if you like something more versatile. Electric foamies are very fun to fly, quick to build, cheap, and easy to repair.


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I fully agree with Parkeflyer.

The problem with gas/wooden planes is that they are very expensive and they fly really fast. So if you´re not over 100% in flying skills like just fly around and make some turns and simple things like loops AND most importantly being able to recover the plane into its normal flying position after each/any maneouver (stalling is a maneouver as well in this case) I can garantee you with 99% chance that you will crash.

If you have been flying earlier for a while, you can get something like a Kinetic 800 just to get the simple feeling for it again. The good thing about the Kinetic 800 is that all of it is cheap, easy to repair, and it has all! control surfaces you need to be able to control safely to be able to get back to gas planes.

Of course the gas engine´s adjustments are also key that you don´t crash, coz if your engine turns off in the middle of a flight the chance that you get the plane down not in broken parts is much higher.

hope I could help you with this.


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So, if you're into Photography, what's preventing you to do some Aerial Photography? Learn to fly well on a plane such as the Bixler or the TwinStar and strap a GoPro to it! That way you can combine your two hobbies... :) ?


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colorex beat me to it. I was going to suggest Aerial Photography. It got me in the air when nothing else would. The nice thing about AP, is that it gives you a mission, that just happens to be related to flying RC.

It can help your flying skills too. You'll learn to be more precise with your flight path, in order to get the plane where you want it. You'll be more gentle on the sticks, especially if you're shooting video, because the constant rocking of the video will make you sick otherwise. You'll be more comfortable flying, because you're concentrating on how to get the camera where you want it, instead of worrying about your actual flying.