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UK Beginner Needs Help Mikeys FPV V3

Hi there. I've searched all over and as yet am unable to find an alternative to the Dollar Tree Store Foam. Everything I have found so far is about £6 to £7 pounds per sheet which makes it quite expensive.

Can anyone help with stores or online shops in the UK that sell paper backed board for a similar price to the Dollar Tree Store?

Many thanks in advance


Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
I am in Southampton UK,You can get 10 sheets of A2 foamboard for £25.00 from Hobbycraft I know its a big outlay so if you got a mate or another modeller you know to chip in it works out at £2.50 for an f22 raptor....google hobbycraft uk to find your nearest branch.....good luck
I think its A2....it works out as 3x3 of A4 and i got the F22 plans out of one sheet
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If foamboard is too expensive where you are (like in Australia $10/sheet) you could try 3~5mm Coroflute. But I think it might be a bit heavier. More power might be needed?!