Adams Readi-Board shipped to the UK (and international) for £1.66 per board :-)


A couple of things regarding the coloured Bazic foam board.

1. The colour is only on one side, it's white on the other - I'm pleased about this. I wasn't fancying a dayglo orange spitfire.
2. All the sheets are bowed towards the coloured side. You can iron it out, but it creeps back.
3. The surface has a wave parallel to the log edge. I assume this is from the manufacturing process. Does the all white board also have this?
4. Make your cuts on the coloured side. With the white foam behind, all blemished stand out.

I've almost finished cutting out my first bloody wonder. I used some of my heavy UK foam to make templates as a suspect I might be making a few, or sharing them with fellow club members.


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Watch out for the Global shipping Scheme eBay Rip off

They force you to pay the import charges regardless of the amount of the actual goods

In the example above you are charged £15.51 but in the UK there is an unofficial lower limit before import charges are levied and that is £60 so in the example above you are being charges £15.51 when there is a good chance you would not have been charged it without the global shipping scheme.

Unless the item is above £60 I always avoid eBay sellers who use this scheme.


Well my first Bloody Wonder turned into a bloody mess. With no keying of the main fuselage at the front, I put it on at an angle and the glue had set before I could straighten it. I pretty much had to rip the fuselage off the wing which took a lot of paper with it. It did go back together and is good enough to fly. I'll use some coloured packing tape to cover the torn paper. In future I'll make a top hat piece of foam board the width of a servo to align the aileron servo slot in the wing with the one in the fuselage.


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Seem's like there's no real easy answer to the board supplier problem then? Wonder if Flite Test would give a clue as to how many customer's they currently supply over here? We might have an idea of likely sales then if an agent might be interested in shipping a quantity over for UK based sales. How many forum members live in the UK? Perhap's they could divulge numbers?


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We've got it here in Ukraine. Super fast, was not expecting anything like this.

Yes, white boards also have "waves" running lengthwise, more to one side then another. Moisture problems? Any ideas how to fix this? As far as I can see not terribly bent overall.

Ebay shipping program was good unless quantity is less then tax free limit. After "hitting" tax free limit it gets ridiculously high (much much higher then actual import tax I would pay to customs, something like $150). But for that limit we can get 50 white and 25 colored (and we just ordered white) for $2.7 a piece total.

My projects are halted as I'm moving just now. And it's double move - I move to one location with all stuff, and my workshop is moving to another, so while it's not completed, no more planes (and hardly any flights):(


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In the US we generally use a polyurethane coat. One would apply the polyurethane with a brush, having it saturate the paper, and then wipe the paper and remove as much of the polyurethane as possible. There are also folks who choose to cover the paper with tape. For unfinished edges we would apply hot glue or wood glue or something of the same to keep the paper from peeling back. This process makes the aircraft relatively waterproof and resistant to humid climates.
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Thanks a lot for the tips of everyone and especially RipGroove.
I received a box of white Bazic 20x30" board yesterday. No visual damages except maybe a little in some corners but nothing that will affect anything I use.

It is worth noting that there are stickers with EAN/bar-codes in the corner on every board. But the sticker peels off easily.

Shipping took about 15 days, with the mandatory Ebay Global Shipping Program. As others stated I had to pay customs fees (VAT) when ordering but it works out cheaper to pay fees in advance than being slapped with VAT PLUS local processing fee equivalent to about 12$ for my country which is what happens with a value over some amount.
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Hey there Team, Just grabbed some Foamboard from Ebay, not posterboard careful if your too clicky clicky!!
Cost NZ $125 incl shipping for only 25 sheets but still around $5 per sheet for the right type is far better than the headache otherwise.

Oh yeah one thing... the board is Hot Pink.. , the shipping was less than half of that of any other colour so well, it is what it is eh?

A big cheers to those who cleared up the Readiboard/Bazic board issue and also to whoever caught the Foamboard VS Posterboard thing on ebay big ups!!


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My local model shop in Sittingbourne has started selling the kits in the UK from the guys. They also stock the Adam's board that they have imported, it's £2.49 a sheet plus postage (the same cost of £6.00 for one or up to fifty sheets).

You can order online from them at Stock number FT4000-1 (use this number in the search box).

Or, give them a call on 01795 410630