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UK Foam board


Master member
Hi pilots
with UK lockdown I’m struggling to nip out to the shop to get some more FB
where are you guys n gals getting your supplies from ?


Legendary member
Not being able to currently, Westboard can usually be bought at The Range and Hobbycraft. Flitetest foamboard, well that currently really difficult to get, hopefully model shops will be getting supplies soonish!


Junior Member
Sponz said that FT shipped a batch of board to somewhere on the continent but he didn't remember the company's name
Does anyone know who is the new European distributor for flute test?
Desperate for some foam or speed build kits to make with my kids in lockdown!


Elite member
Westfoam works fine for most builds with only a little change. Ebay should have some. It works well with Nerdnic’s chuck gliders, which are great to build with kids. The Chuck Cat fits on A3 3mm.
You won’t see any more stock or new stuff until later, many things in Europe are still closed and foamboard planes are only classed as essential here!