Help! uk regulations for under-18


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I'm planning on a quad build, and I have questions,

first of all, in the UK, to fly a drone above 250g, you need to take the online quiz, which would give you an ID code. would i have to keep this with me while i fly? it is unclear from what i have read on the official site. Also, since you will also have to register as an operator, with a minimum age of 18, what do I do?


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As you're under 18 you cannot register as an "operator". The operator is the person over 18 who is responsible for the device (drone, quad, whatever you want to call it). If anything goes wrong, this is the person who will be held responsible. This person needs to be registered as an operator, and their operator id number needs to be displayed an a label on your device. I'm n addition, you need to have passed the online pilot test.

Hope that makes sense.


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My advice is to buy something sub 250g, Toothpick class drones are now very good to fly and have great performance, then the stupid regulations can be ignored. My son is 16, this is what we have done, all his solo flying is now sub 250g.