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Uk supply

Does anyone in the uk know when we are getting the newer swappables ? The corsair, p40, legacy ? I have been on the graupner website and they havnt got anything.


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Not available here yet. You can buy FT foamboard from Model Shop Leeds plus several other places, then you will need to cut it all out yourself.
Many speedbuild kits have been out of stock for months. There seems to be little enthusiasm for restocking either. Not very encouraging. You can get them sent here from the US of course, but the shipping and tax makes it very expensive.
Thanks for that,managed to get the spitfire from model shop leeds,but no-one like you say,holds much stock,online or otherwise,might judt have to save up and get it direct, because my sons loved building the spit it would be great to encourage them.


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You can pre calculate the duty, it’s 10% on the whole bill including shipping as declared on the customs sticker (sellers usually do just the order value) then you take the value plus the tax and add VAT to the total at 20%. On top of that there’s the stupid £8 handling fee.
Cutting out from plans isn’t hard, you can get control horns and firewalls or cut them out of ply very cheaply and control rods are easy to get here too.