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Ultra micro pole cat


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Just got a pole cat today, and this is where I'm going to be posting my review and thoughts about it. Out of the box it looks and feels nice, symmetrical airfoil, good throws. Light but tough.

Will be flying it today I'll post my thoughts about it once I'm back from the field . But as of now it's a cool looking plane


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sorry, i was gonna get one up now, had the iPad and couldn't post one then.

flys really nice. its perfect for a beginner entering aerobatics in my mind. it is really fast tho. i don't know if it would fly well inside.

handles wind ok, it becomes a little squirrely in high wind.

you can definitely handle this plane with a dx5e no problem. it rolls really fast, but handles well too.

overall its my new favorite micro. fast sleek and cool as heck. and the price tag is nice too at only $99.99

pick one up and beat it around. i hit kinda hard twice already and it handles a beating really really well.


I was really impressed with the pole cat. We had some decent wind for a small airplane and it handled it with ease! Looks like its a lot of fun to fly.


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Did fly surprisingly well with that wind. It's definitely not a 3d plane but it's really highly aerobatic. A good fit for my skill level I think. Easy to fly but a lot I can learn from it
I'm a big fan of the Pole Cat. It's my first plane. I've beat the crap out of it and it still flies well. I can now do flips, rolls, a little inverted, land, etc. Didnt take lone to learn with this one. It flies well enough at low throttle but can really move when you want it to!


Crash Test Pilot!
A couple of the guys i fly with have the polecat , very nimble yet easy to handle bird , ive got the sukhoi , was thinking of selling it but i switched props (cant remember the size) but i think its a 4.5x4.5 gws??? right around there , TOTAL difference in flight , it even does 3d , the guys tried the same prop on their polecat and they fly even better.....but i agree , the polecat is probably one of the better ones , indoor they fy good but can get a little hair if its a small school gym....