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Ultra micro scratchbuild


Full Circle
But for that being your first ever scratchbuild! That is pretty darn cool! My respects for that!
That is a really great job on a first scratchbuild!:applause: My first one, in comparison, refused to fly, as did my next three!:eek:
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i am a genius! lol jk i beat myself up more than i feel i actually do well haha. thanks all! I'm really hoping to figure it out so it flys cus when id does fly fast enough it flys really really well!


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kf airfoil. my keyboard is typing double letters so short explanation.
not enough lift, simple fix. teach recommended. its the kf2 (or something like that) photo294.JPG


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just did. im looking foreword to trying to see if this generates enough lift. i only did the wings outside the booms to keep weight down and if this doesnt work im going to do the double kf and do the inside wings too


You might try injecting the foam with helium, too. I'm not sure how that works, as I just made up the concept, but I'm sure it has some merit.


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I also made an ultra micro scratchbuilt. It was just a really small light slowstick like plane but when it flew I felt exactly the same as u did cuz it was also my first scratchbuild. It's a great feeling seeing something u built entirely on your own fly.