UM Delta Wing Jet

Fred Pena

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10.5" Span
MA-RX42e Reciever
Happy Model EX1103 8000kv motor 3" prop
2 BM5320s Servos

38 grams W/ 220 1 cell

This is my first attempt at a ultra micro design, after a 10 year or so break from the hobby. Had some health issues and was off work for 6 months, so had some time on my hands and fired up skethup.

I was fascinated by these tiny little models and the UM gear available and just had to try. Have little experience designing planes but am decent with skethup so figured what the hell, it will be a learning experience and maybe it will actually fly.

Turned out to be more difficult than I thought, built it 4 times making corrections each time to fix my mistakes. First 2 flights were very short, mostly due to me being a noob at this and botching the AS3X setup.

By the 3rd one I had that figured out and it flew, just not well, had a low kv motor and large prop on it and way to much torq roll.

4th version had the 8000kv motor and 3 inch prop and flew much better, but faster by a good margin and to fast for me. Im old, bad eyes and small field to fly in so wanted to keep the speed down. Put 4 batts worth of flying on #4 before I smacked a pole, RIP.

Back to work now and little time so gonna be a coulpe months before I get to #5, which may have a working canard and rudder.

Thought Id share, prints out on 4 pages left to right. 4th one went together well so think I have all the bugs out but no guarantee-

I used DTFB for wing and fuse, 2 mill dinner plate material for canard, rudders.


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