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Uncivil War


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In this episode of Flite Test Josh and Josh talk about the Ultra Micro Stryker! This little plane is very fast and very resilient. Watch as Josh Bixler challenges Chris to see who's the better pilot. Watch this episode to see more.



Full Circle
Nope, your ears were not deceiving you!:D He did say Hyper Taxi AS3X.

Also, Josh B said they already did the GeeBee. I was assuming he was talking about the GeeBee AS3X. So which comes next?
Very good episode.... Can't wait to see the the next indoor event. I know how that Cold Winter goes, Last week I had to turn on the A/C. House got up to 85 by the time I got in from work.


More combat please...
Most of them.
Me included :)

I think I burned an ESC at some point during the day, but had other planes to fly.
The planes that we fly for most part were designed for this kind of treatment.


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those little strikers looked awesome fighting against the wind, I didn't think it was that windy till you guys started flying, should have flown through the gate the reverse direction, they would have been haulin for sure.


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I would like to see it remade with out the wind , Thean I could see how fast they are stock. But it was cool in the wind too.