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*Unofficial* FT Edge

Hey, have been contrmplating on building this ever since I first seen it but dont really have the money to get all new electronics. I have a rimfire 22m-1000 and a electrifly bl8 speed controller. Would this combo work or not? Sorry very new to scratch builds and still trying to learn all about motors/esc after switching from 4stroke. Any response will be greatly appreciated.
Have to pay my dues to the designers of this plane. Amazing, complicated and time consuming scratch build. Loving every second of the challenge. Be a few weeks before I can maiden at least. GT2218 motor on the way on the slow boat, i have to build the wings yet(ran out of glue sticks) and order more servos. With the wait on parts I may actually have a crack at painting those red bull colours on. I'll have enough time.
This is my fourth build total. Built a pietenpol, ez glider and a bushwacker before this. Really enjoying the lines and modular build. This is definitely my favourite build so far.