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Use video and audio transmission on a tx to run two cameras?

Hey FliteTest forums!

I am in the process of building a Tricopter 2.6 HV edition for video production and had a quick question: can I use one video transmitter and transmit the video from two cameras by hooking one up to the audio port? If I could that would be AWSOME for having a pilot cam and then a gimbal cam.



Senior Member
Quick answer: No. Get two rx/tx. OTOH you can then get stereo audio! =)

Less quick answer: Not enough bandwidth. Encoding/decoding problems worthy an electrics engineer. There are video gizmos to mix two video sources to a split screen, but you'll loose half your video real estate and they're most probably not designed to be light. Plus you'd need to split it again if you use goggles, of course. Or custom build your goggles with smoke and mirrors. Cheaper, faster and easier to use two rx/tx.