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Viewer Request: How to use the Trainer port on a Transmitter


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Since I've built my tricopter and swappables, I've had several people want to try to fly them. I've done the hand-the-transmitter-over thing a couple of times but I'd rather have them fly with the TX that they are familiar with, or a second one of mine, then I can "take over" when I start to get worried. Using the trainer port would save a me a couple of seconds in recovering the aircraft and would transfer the control back to them again when it is "safe". The problem is I have no idea how exactly it is suppose to work, how to set it up, if the TX's have to be identical, how to test the config, etc. I have an idea of how I think it is suppose to work but the reality is I have no idea where to even begin. I'd like to see a video explaining what exactly is possible, then move into how to set it up. If you could use a Turnigy TX in the example, I think that would cover a lot of newbies. If you use a Spektrum, it should cover a lot of people who like to purchase their equipment locally - either way is good, I'd just like some direction!


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Are there only 2 people in this forum who don't know how to do this? I guess it could be there are only 2 people who want to know.


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I think that's part of the issue. The trainer ports are usually covered in the manuals and are different from radio to radio. It would be like having a video for programming. Too many types of radios, all with differing setups...