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V-Tail Pusher Scratch Build 1200mm Wingspan 3mm Kapa-Board


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Hey Guys,

In this Thread I'd like to share with you my latest project, the RST Hunter. This Design is a Pusher with a V-Tail to reduce the weight a little bit in the back section and I just wanted it to try out!

I've allready made 2 Pusher Desings. The V2 was actually quite a success, but it still had some issues.

So I deleted all the planes and went from the beginning.

The Wing: It has a total wingspan of 1200mm. It's a polyhedral wing to give some more stability for flying FPV. The core in the middle is 15mm and on the tips 12mm.
Wingspan.jpg Wing-Tip.jpg

The Tail: As announced it is a V-Tail. The stabalizer are standing in 110° to each other. The Tail is over a 8x8mm Carbon fiber tube connected to the fuselage. The pushrods are secured in a strow. I'm using HXT900.
Vtail.jpg Carbon.jpg

Fuselage: I tried to achieve a nice looking fuselage which provides its functions as carrying a gopro, Pan and tilt for the flying Camera, Battery etc. I had to build my own Powerpod cuz there was not enough room for the FT Powerpod. I will use probably the NTM28-26 1200kV with a 8x6 Prop and 4s.
Fuselage.jpg Motor.jpg

Here are some pictures to overview my project:
OV1.jpg OV2.jpg OV3.jpg

So, now I hope I'll get soon better weather to test it out. If it's done and flying well I will us it as my FPV plane. Tell me what you think about it or if you noticed some trouble which are ahead of me or things I should consider. Thanks!
Nice job man! I'm currently working on a pusher as well, although it is still in the "sketchup" stages. It somewhat resembles a Bixler and will be swapable compatable.

I'm wanting to test my hand at FPV flying, and yours looks like it would be a great design to do so.

Let us know when you get her up.. good luck!


propulsion impromptu
wouldn't it be better with a longer tail boom? seemed short from the pic perspective.
might be too nose heavy setup with battery and fpv gear up front.
just my 2cts.


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Thanks man!
Oh yeah cool, looking forward to see your desing coming off the paper soon! The first pusher I did was alos Powerpod compatable. This time I din't make it Powerpod campatable because it didn't fit in the design and I had to keep the weight down.
Oh yes, you should get your hands on FPV, you'll get hooked.
I did some test flying yesterday, succesfully. But after 2 Batteries the carbon tube lost its strengh. Torsion was a big problem. The V-Tail turned in to a horizontal and vertikal stabalizer allmost under pressure. So no carbon with this quality anymore.
20150116_145449 (1280x960).jpg
I redesigned the Tail new today. I used two 8mm booms glued together, now its really stable.
20150116_153057 (1280x960).jpg
Check out the short video I made with some onboard footage facing forward and backward.
The plane is really easy to fly, the glide slope is actually pretty impresive with its weight of 1100g. Its also really stable, easy to fly bank and yank. Pretty happy with it. Now I can focus on some details.


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wouldn't it be better with a longer tail boom? seemed short from the pic perspective.
might be too nose heavy setup with battery and fpv gear up front.
just my 2cts.
Thanks for your input! I can't really go much longer with the tailboom, because the tail gets pretty fast pretty heavy.
Swiss foamboard is heavier than the Dollar Tree Foamboard, so i'm kinda limited with the designs.
But I flew it today and yesterday. I had to get rid of the carbon tube because of torsion, but the lentgh is good, it flies really great.
I did some onboard footage, check it out if you like to!


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very nice build would love to have plans for something like this.
Hey JasonM, thanks! I'm still working on it because I intend to publish it and I will release the plans for it of course. It still needs some fine tuning and some last details. But I'm really close to be finished.
Do you use the DT-Foamboard 5mm or some other foamboard with 3mm? Currently the plans are made for 3mm. I might prerelease them here and if you build along you might find some details they need to be changed. Are you interested?
yeah i use DT foamboard ive been looking for a fpv rid ive been using the blunt nose versa and was thinking about buying a bix3 then i seen this and it looks like a great idea! ive been thinking about building a twin boom pusher also but just better to get plans then adjust diff stuff to work the kinks out