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Versacopter buying questions

Hi there,
I am quite new to DIY quadcopter and would like to ask the community for help as I would like to purchase all the parts once as shipping to Singapore is extremely expensive.

Here is what I already have:
-Futaba 10CHP transmitter
-Futaba R2008SB receiver

Here what in my Flite Test store shopping cart:
-VersaCopter 280 Quad Frame Kit
-Power​ Pack​ E (R​acing​ Mini​ Quad​Copte​r)
-Naze32 (rev 6) flight controller board
-Lumenier 2250mAh 3s 35c Lipo Battery

I would like to ask if I am short of anything to build my first quadcopter?

Thanks a lot!


Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
Hey YT, welcome to the forum!

looks like you're most of the way there. You'll still need a battery charger -- something like an Accucel6 should a good inexpensive choice, but don't forget to pick up a 50W-ish 12v power supply to drive it.

I'd also mention the 2250mAh pack will be on the heavy side for that setup -- it will still fly, and reasonably well, but it might fly happier with a lighter pack. I'd recommend somewhere in the 1300-1600mAh range, but it's your call.

I'd also recommend . . . MORE PROPS. You will chew through them at an alarming rate -- relax, it will get a little better, but only a little. I can speak highly of the DAL props -- they do cost a little more than the VERY cheap props, and despite their advertisement as "unbreakable", they do break, but not easily. It's well worth the premium for them as a durable prop.

Once you get it together, post a pic of your build :)