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Video cutting out

Hello, I have a few issues with one of my quads. I am flying a eachine 250 racer and I only seem to be able to circle myself, if I go any further than that, my video cuts out, has anyone got any idea on what is going on and how I can’t fix it? That would be much appreciated thank you!!


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Make sure the Tx & Rx are on the same channel. The 40 channels are not evenly spaced, there are only something like 8 true channels. Some those 40 channels are very close to each other. If you are using a pair of those close channels you will have reception on the bench but won’t have any range.

Try moving the Tx & Rx about 100 feet apart, then rescan.


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You are not by chance circling yourself nose in putting the dense battery between yourself and the tx antenna and staying at a low pitch angle are you? The battery will block a LOT of signal when it gets between you and the tx. Had that happen a good amount when I was flying low tilt early on coming in for a landing. Kinda why out of habit now I circle myself coming in from the side before landing.