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VOTING is closed. Posting is still open. Build a STOL Bush Plane Contest.

Vote for your Favorite STOL Challenge Entry

  • I think Liemavick had the best plane!

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  • OutcastZeroOne was number one!

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  • Crash Recovery lit a fire under me with his!

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  • hotwax Bad Fogey was better than bad, it was GOOD!

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  • g828, a little late, but still great!

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Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
Let me start by saying WOW!!!

Patrick and I had spoken about generating some interest in a just for fun competition with the expectation of three or four contestants. We had nine people join us for this endeavor.

Contest page can be found here.

I consider it a success. Nine people who might not have otherwise, went and built planes from scratch. Designs ranged from attempts at scale representation, to the bizarre. A few different techniques were used, people got to see what worked and what didn't, and I saw a great bit of friendly good spirited support and ribbing. The Flite Test community is filled with a great bunch of people, and this competition just goes to highlight a few folks that participate in that community. Thanks to everyone who both entered the contest, and who joined in the discussions that developed around the planes that were entered.

VOTING! Part One The poll...

The poll will close seven days from the creation of this thread

Have you ever watch the TV showWhose Line Is It Anyway that explained their rules by saying, "Where Everything's made up, and the points don't mater."

That's how we're going to run this. -2,000,0000 for earthsciteach, just because. +1 point Liemavick, you need it.

The poll at the top will be for "Best of Show". This is pure vote by popularity contest. When you select one of the entries, keep a few points in mind. Who were you the most impressed with? How creative were their ideas? Did they achieve a STOL plane? How well was their presentation?

VOTING! Part Two The write in vote...

Here's where you can have some fun. Write in your own reasons why someone should win, and I'll list them in the second post of this thread. Something like "Best use of the color Blue" So for example, someone with an all red plane would never be able to win that entry... ;)

There's no prize except the fun we had in the contest, so there's really no loser

The contestants are as follows...

Liemavick's build thread.

earthsciteach's build thread.

CraftyDan's entry thread.

OutcastZeroOne's build thread.

Crash Recovery's build thread.

Aiidanwings thread to enter the contest. (I hate to say it, but I think he intends to cheat)

Quorneng's build thread, and unintended entry.

hotwax's contest entry thread.

g828 drops an entry at the very last minute.


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
Best of Write in votes will be listed here... and this "poll" doesn't have an expiration date.

Vote cast in the poll and for the write in vote I have 2.

Best use of heavy equipment (Fire Truck) -- CrashRecovery

Holy Giant Flaps Batman -- Aiidanwings first design
I think I should get Best honerable mention since I was never able to start building mine... wait... I have tomorow off.....


Hostage Taker of Quads
oh.. why i did miss that.. wel next time maybe.
That's a shame! It was loads of fun and I have enjoyed seeing each entry -- one more would have been great!

Multirotor "cover" contest is in the works though, and after that????
Vote cast in the poll and for the write in vote I have 2.

Best use of heavy equipment (Fire Truck) -- CrashRecovery

Holy Giant Flaps Batman -- Aiidanwings first design


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
This is not going the way I wanted.... I'll wait until we get closer to the deadline, and I'll edit the poll so that I can change places with whoever is in the lead... muah ha ha ha ha ha ha!


I forgot to mention Fred, nice job on setting up the poll, well thought out and simple enough even Pat will be able to place a vote.