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  • I think Liemavick had the best plane!

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  • OutcastZeroOne was number one!

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  • Crash Recovery lit a fire under me with his!

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  • hotwax Bad Fogey was better than bad, it was GOOD!

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  • g828, a little late, but still great!

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Bought Another Trailer
Staff member
Does a STOL challenge include a short take off and landing? ;) ;)

You would think so, and in any other contest with a title like that it would.

But, this was a FlyingMonkey run contest, and I make the rules to suit me. ;)


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
I patterned your prize the same way, see picture of trophy below... ;)


One of the better prizes I have won over the years for sure!

Wait a minute I did win the Icom America Ham Nation swag giveaway a couple of weeks ago. Haven't received anything yet though so I stand by my first statement.