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walkera devo 10

I got the walkera devo 10 radio for fathers day. looks like a great radio but all I see online is it used for heli.
All I fly is planes how is this for planes Can anyone point me to some good videos on the radio
Thank you


Junior Member
Multi rotors have their own flight controller on board so all they need is the basic control signals. You just use a generic plane setup with no mix settings. The on board flight controller handles all the translation. ^_^


Ebil Filleh Pega-Bat ^.^
I would strongly recommend you take a visit over to www.deviationtx.com and have a look at just what this radio can do with a little messing around.

Deviation is an open source firmware for a number of Devo models including your Devo 10 which gives it more options and compatibility, and without even opening the radio up this firmware makes the radio work with DSM2 and DSMX which is what all Spektrum based BNFs use, as well as compatible with a number of other protocols like Flysky, WLToys and even FrSky ACCST via the addition of small modules inside the radio. It is not a straight forward system to use but it has a great following on the website, and you can even copy someone elses configuration for a model and add it to your own radio rather than having to program it all yourself from scratch.

I have this firmware on my Devo 7E and I love it!!! It has so many capabilities...