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Walkera Runner 250 Help


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Hello I have a Walkera Runner 250 that is losing power mid-flight.
I have my throttle trim set so my motors constantly spin, and have a throttle hold programmed to prevent the Walkera flip o death. The interval seems random, but I will be flying and all of a sudden all 4 motors will lose power, then about 2 seconds later come back. Unfortunately this is usually enough time for the quad to drop like a brick. The lights don’t flicker when this happens. I have checked all the wires that I can. The Walkera power distribution board is one big circuit board where all parts are plug and play into that board. No solder points. My next steps will be to reseat all components on the board. I also have a new power distribution board on order. But is there anything else I should check?



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check for overheating on the components, Make sure the tiny screws that hold the FC, the receiver and the OSD have not vibrated loose. Make sure the antenna is tight. They are prone to having things shift just a little bit on bouncy landings or crashes. I took RTV and put a sheet of balsa under the battery plate on mine to help keep the whole thing from flexing and that solved a lot of walkera weirdness.

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I have the Walkera Runner 250 advance since few days ago.
After pair the drone with RC I did the motor unlock.

The 4 engines started working for a few seconds. Then I tried to make it fly and the engines did not respond. Start the above procedures again and again and nothing. And I don't know because where the TX antenna is installed the base was hot.