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want a race drone

Hi Guys,
First i wanna say u guys realy got me into this hobby for real.
i started of with a e revo rc car.
then i started watching ur posts on u tube and went for the x vert first.
I realy like this plaine but want to take it to the next level.
I have a few drones but they are simple and without fpv.(blade inductrix and a few toygrade drones)
Now i want to get into the fpv drone racing/freestyle. i already habe the dxe remote is this good enough to start with?
I dont have a realy big budget but want to know what are the best
goggles to start with, with a small budget.
Then comes the next question wich drone is best to start with... note i want to fly it outside and
i live in the netherlands and we have a lot of wind here.
So recap.
Budget goggles and budget drone to get in the hobby wich one to get...
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Welcome to the forums! :applause:

Living in the Neatherlands and looking for budget items, I think you will find http://www.hobbyking.com helpful

I started out FPV with a Quanum FPV Pro v2 which they don't sell anymore, but the successor to that model is the Cyclops which got lots of good reviews and is both very affordable and a complete working piece - no need to buy an extra receiver or antennas to get flying.


Another similar goggle option is this one, but I don't know how the reviews were on it


For a first drone to get in the air with, can you tell us a little more about what you're looking for? Do you want to race or do crazy tricks or do photography?

One ready to fly option I just saw that's on a crazy cheap sale is this King Kong hex. It's older tech but should still fly just fine and at the price it's hard to beat just to have that many motors and escs and a camera/vtx setup you could move to another frame with a more modern flight controller board in the future.


loving that goggles

nice for the goggles thanks... didnt even find one for that price realy nice.
for the drone i have an blade inductrix atm but i want to go fpv.
I didnt have a good fpv drone before so dunno what i am looking for... i think i need one that does tricks.
but want it to be fast to.. i am not going to do races its just for fun...
The one u had in ur reply does it take the wind good?
the goggles are a no brainer so thats the goggles i am gonna buy...
i have a dxe remote...does that do the trick or do i need to get another controler to?
if u need more info let me know... i rather have a good drone in once...this one is price wise alright
but i can do better then that... is it smart to start with a expencive drone or better get one like u posted.
was looking at the walkera rodeo 110 for round 200 euro, is that a good option?


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I love my Blade Inductrix FPV! It's not really tricks capable, but loads of fun indoors. I do 'Tiny Whoop' racing every couple weeks and also see people using the Inductrix FPV Plus / Pro too - those are better able to handle outdoors wind in addition to indoor flying.

Pretty much all of the well known drone racers all fly a Tiny Whoop / Inductrix FPV style one too just for fun in the evenings too, and there are plenty of upgrade parts available. You could actually upgrade your current Inductrix by adding a camera/vtx combo (about $15-20), upgraded motors (another $20), and a 'power whoop' connector ($1 or 2).

The Emax Babyhawk or Flite Test Gremlin types are great 'next size up' type ones that are trick capable. But download a simulator and practice there first to save yourself a bunch of crash repairs are you get going. I'm pretty sure that hexacopter I linked to would handle the wind OK - it's sizeable enough and generally speaking brushless multi-rotors are pretty wind resistant.

You can stay with the DXe for a bit more and keep using things that are Spektrum compatible to save money for a little bit. I'm not familiar with the Walkera radios at all. If you have people nearby that use them and can help you it could be a good option, but I don't know if there is much online community support available.
thanks for the info m8.. gonna start of with the hex300 and the goggles u set above.. one more question.. i want it as fast as possible so a 4s can do it? wich lipo i need to go for.. for real to much options for a starter at hobbyking.. or its just my incompetence ;p


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Carefull about too much power at the beginning. We've all done it too. You just get to the crash site faster :p

Don't get discouraged by the crashing - it will happen. Trust me. Happens to all of us. A lot while we're learning. Less if we train with simulators first. But it's going to happen. You can reduce the chances and damage of the crashes by going slowly in steps - start with lower power - and look up the Flite Test how to video on flying quadcopters for good exercises on getting started or other youtubers learn to fly series. There are lots of good ones out there.

HK says 2-4s batteries will work, so I'd highly recommend starting with a 2s and fly that sucker till you can handle everything it puts out. Then step up to the 3s and repeat. With being able to handle 4s it's going to have some pretty serious speed in it when you're ready for it :)

sad thing is... they only have the hex 300 on hong kong wherehouse...gonna cost me a ton of shipping...
looked everywhere but no good... what are ur toughts on the Eachine Wizard X220 FPV Racing RC Drone Blheli_S F3 ...
Looks like a good quad...thinking of buying that one on banggoods... revieuws look great and its under the 100 euro range.
so if u crash it it wont hurt thatr much... the goggles same story only in the wharehouse in hong kong...
thinking of buying a eechine goggles...u tryed that? didnt find a revieuw on it yet...
dunno if the quad works with my spectrum dxe remote but gonna try... or do u know if it wil bind?
i am a big flighttest fan and have seen all videos on there... so already know how to..
my inductrix blade (only line of sight) i trained a lot so i am a beginner but have a litle bit of experience.
i know i will crash coz i go full out crazy thats why i wanted a budget drone so i can crash it into a tree or
the ground :p
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I have had nothing but a great experience with my eachine 007's. They have everything that you need to fly, but don't have the nicer features like DVR or diversity. There are some newer ones that are better but I would look for some reviews on YouTube before getting them, some are hit or miss. I am actually looking to buy the EV800D's right now.


The wizard is nice but I would highly recommend building one yourself. The reason I say this is because if you can build it then you can fix anything that breaks on it.

Here is a good video about a 5" race quad for $99

It's by UAV Futures, a very trustworthy YouTuber in my opinion.

I hope this helps!


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I actually have the Wizzard 220 and for me it was a great first racing quad. It handles better with a 1300 mah battery - or an 1800 - than a 2200. The extra weight is noticeable.


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I went though this recently... I'd planned on building a variation on the $99 quad build with a few of his upgrade options tossed in... but after looking at the price with the small upgrades I wanted and the reviews of the wizard x220 I ended up going that with it... replacement frame parts are easy to get (I ordered 2 spare arms "just in case"), upgrading parts is as easy as any other, and while I'm confident in my soldering/assembly skills and am sure I could have put the quad together more cleanly... it was nice to get the quad, install the TX, flash the board, adjust the board (used the video below)... I'm still a horrid pilot but i've had some good fun with it so far.

as for the goggles... I went with the Eachine EV800D... diversity, DVR, and quick ground station conversion... havne't used it while flying yet though...