Want to say hi! I also have alot of questions :)


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Hi Guys, I am Markus from Germany (Cologne), I want to say hi to all these awesomepeople here in the forum. I found Flite Test by accident on YouTube some weeks ago and I'm totally hooked to get into the RC Hobby. But I am not a complete Noob, I flew an Skyflex 2000 long time ago when I was ~12 ;)

I was always accompanied by my dad, but he was also new to this hobby. I grew older and we stopped flying together at some point :/ But I never really gave up on RC flying, because of that I have some "flying toys" like the Hubsan x4 Quadcopter and some noname little helicopters. After watching a lot of the Flite Test Videos and reading a lot of stuff here in the Forum, I want to start over with my old "love". The Technic behind the Hobby evolved so much, like high capacity Lipo, 2,4Khz Transmitter and so on … ;) its awesome.

That was the Part where I told you a little bit of me, and now I hope you will share some of your knowledge with me :D
I want to start (restart) with a Simple Storch Speedbuild kit, and have some Questions about the appropriate Transmitter/Reciever, Motor, Wing Setup.

Transmitter/Reciever: I want to buy the Frsky Taranis Qx7 Transmitter, I watched some Videos about it and read some tutorials about how to Setup… But I can't really figure out which receiver would be the best. I also have to buy the EU Version that doesn't support all receivers that can be bundled with the International Version. The X Series? The S6R,S4R? Maybe something different?

Motor: In Germany you can buy the FT Powerpacks from Graupner, but they are really expensive compared to FT in the US and stores like Hobbyking. So I want to buy the Parts from Hobby King. I've read the Article “perfect trainer ft simple Storch light” the Author suggest the https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hextronik-24gram-brushless-outrunner-1300kv.html Motor. Would you also suggest it or would you say I have to go bigger? And if, which motor? There are so much out there.

That’s it for now, I'm looking forward to my first steps in the Hobby and to the time here in the forum =D


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Search for the Storch build thread and you will lots of mods and good advice. Search my name as I have done a lot with the Storch, including reinforcements that are desperately needed. Even after beefing it up, it's still a fragile plane. I also have some Storch youtube stuff on my channel. nhk750

Here is my awesome power setup and all from Hobby King! Unlimited vertical and lots of power.

Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 3530, 1340kv brushless outrunner.
Paired up with a Turnigy plush 40 amp speed controller with a 5 amp bec. Also using Turnigy 3S, 2650ah, Nanotech 35C battery. 9x6 APC prop.

I ran the motor calc program with the closest parameters I could find to my build and it came out pretty good.
No heat issues and a solid 8 min runtime at max performance, 10 or more if your mellow.

I use all Spektrum radio gear and love it, never tried anything else.
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Thanks for your fast response nhk750 :)

I will go for an Powerpack c (your improved one) and a Powerpack b equivalent from Hobbyking.
I used the search funktion a lot the last hours and found an answer to my reciver question :)


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Hallo Markus.

That is a nicely detailed introduction. Thank you.

I am interested in that Skyflex. I've never heard of that. What is your opinion of it?

Wilkommen to the forum.


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One note, The Nanotech battery isn't the greatest fit, too wide, the standard Turnigy 2200 30c, 3s battery works great and fits better. I like the 30c or higher as the 20-25c heats up too much.


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The Skyflex 2000 is a motorized Kite. It was a beginner Airplane from “Robbe”.
We bought the standard Kit in ~1997. In this Version it was a 2 Channel AirPlane. Throttle and a Servo to lean the kite left or right. It gains Altitude by powering the Motor and then glides downwards without powering the Motor. The Motor was only on or off and it was like 300-400W~ with a HUGE Propeller. Man it was very loud, but I loved that sound :) The Skyflex was easy to repair and to fly, but it needed a lot of space, because it turned really slowly. I liked it. But I had trouble with the landing. Without power its nose pointed downwards, you had to power on at the right time while landing, or you landed on the nose, and flipped the whole Airplane.In My overall opinion it was really good, in that time it was a very affordable beginner Airplane, but I think there are way better options now.

I found a nice Video on YouTube, where you can see how it flys (not my own footage, and I think it’s a newer maybe modified version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zFBbTpD-mU
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The Electronic Parts are here!
I have a lot of fun with the Simulator and my Qx7.
I will use the Simulator for the next weeks, and then I will start to build my own Airplane. I'm very exited =D


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Update 2

Hi Guys.
I changed my Plans a little bit...
I wanted to start with a speed kit and like I already said, I'm from Germany and there are a lot of kits that are already sold out. So I switched from the Storch to the Battlebuddys Pack and build the Bloddy Wonder first.I was confident that i am able to fly it because of ~50 Hours in Simulator.

Today was the maiden Flight and my FIRST flight.
It was an awesome experience. I went out on a big Field with my Dad and we had a blast. This thing flies so nice. its fast and acrobatic and still easy to fly. I managed to not crash it and I am so happy. Love this hobby. Pictures and Videos will follow.....

Now i will order a lot of Foamboard :)