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Help! Warbird scale down?

Hey everybody, I just made a cub, and it flies really well, but I was wondering if it would be possible to somewhat scale down the c pack warbirds and use them on a b power pack?

Heres a quick pic of the cub


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The Simple size warbirds will fly fine on the 2212 1000kv motor. My scout is made of heavy UK board and it’s running that motor.


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It's possible to scale down, but beware, when you scale, the aerodynamics also change. That is the wing loading will change substantially. For most of my FT planes a wing loading of 12-15 oz per square foot works well. But when you go to the size of an indoor plane the wing loading is 1-2 oz per sqft, a 10 fold change.

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The spitfire (first version, not the new master series version) is very light and would fly just fine on that motor at the normal scale.


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Are you sure your motor is 2212 kv2200? if so, I would recommend building a pusher jet (assuming running 3s with 6” prop) instead of a warbird. unless you are using 2s battery with an 8” prop.