power pack

  1. M

    Solved Landing gear and paint questions...

    First question... what is the scale of the mighty mini corsair? Trying to get the scale so I can get the right size landing gear. Second question... What primer and paint would I use? Third question: If I want four cell power, which power pack would I buy?
  2. Sneery

    Solved Power Pack F/A Alternatives

    I'm new to the whole "building planes" thing and was looking at the FT Mighty Mini F-22 Raptor. Power Pack F is not in stock at the moment, and I wanted to know, are there any alternatives to the Power Packs themselves, maybe on Amazon or BangGood? I also saw Power Pack A, what's the main...
  3. BradDH

    Help! Warbird scale down?

    Hey everybody, I just made a cub, and it flies really well, but I was wondering if it would be possible to somewhat scale down the c pack warbirds and use them on a b power pack? Heres a quick pic of the cub
  4. Innaviation

    wooden power pack

    During many crashes power packs can get beaten up very quickly. I was wondering if anyone has a laser printer file or something that matches ft power pack but that is made from wood.
  5. CatholicFlyer

    Two Plane Build Projects

    One is the Nieuport 24 The second is a plane from two paper towel cardboard rolls put together. In the first one I ask what RC Electronic engines and powerpack would make it fly like the real one and the second one, what powerpack if you did a build with the paper towel cardboard rolls, would...
  6. D

    Ft Planes Wanted

    Hello I was wondering if anyone had any Ft Planes that don’t have electronics in them or if you have a speed build kit you haven’t gotten around to build. Preferably with electronics but it doesn’t really matter if they don’t have electronics. Will pay for shipping. I’m in the United States...
  7. E

    What power pack could I use for the 900mm teksumo

    Ok I have been looking into flying wings, and I found the arf 900mm teksumo. If at all possible, which FT power pack could I use for it?
  8. D

    Power Pack B Twin on Mini Guinea?

    I'm new to flying and I'm building the Mini Guinea from plans. Long story short, today at my local hobby store, I bought the wrong power pack. They have a no refund policy so I doubt they will take it back. Any way I can make this work? or Am I just screwed.
  9. P

    Ft. Mini Guinea power pack and mods

    Hello, I'm new to the forms but I've been watching and building Flite test planes for a long time. I looked around for a thread on this but I didn't find anything on it, so to the point. I just built a Flite test guinea pig, and now I'm planning on moving to the mini, but the only mini...
  10. A

    Gremlin HYPE/website support?

    Hey everyone, I'm new so I figured I'll just post here. Anyone excited for the gremlin power pack I can't wait to get my hands on one :D they keep teasing it I just want to buy one already. I own an inductrix fpv and unfortunately have been pretty dissappointed with the battery life which Im...
  11. DharanFlyer

    VersaCopter, Power Pack, & Flight Controller

    Have a VersaCopter kit that hasn't been started with the racing Power Pack E and a rev6 Naze32. I will ship as at cost. My zip code is 60586 to calculate your shipping or if you within driving range of there I will drive it to you, you can pick up, or I'll meet you in the middle. I'd like...
  12. X

    New to Flite Test, Need help on the Versa Wing loops and other aerobatics

    Hey everyone, My name is Axel and I just started again in the hobby. I flew for maybe 5 years when I was youger all kind of planes ( Foamy high wing trainers, Depron miniplanes, Big motoglider) and a bit of helicopter. That was just when the brushless motors started to become popular in my...
  13. S

    power pack c (twin motor) battery

    I'm trying to figure out the best battery to use with the power pack c ( twin motor ). I'm interested in good flight times with higher speeds. I try to always get a little more bang for my planes by having a little extra power if necessary. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks for your time
  14. M

    Power pack B Battery

    I have been searching on the Internet about which battery is recommended for the Ft power pack B without finding anything so I decided to ask about this. I currently have a 3s 1000mah 35c/70c burst battery. Thanks in advance!
  15. D

    First Fixed Wing and First Build: Wait for power pack or build

    I have my FT Tony Trainer and have watched the build video a dozen times. I have to wait to order my Power Pack A. Should I wait to build (I don't have servos) or should I go ahead and build and install servos later?
  16. F

    Power Pack Compatibility

    Hello, I have been in the hobby almost a year now and im in love. Swappable count is up to four now and they are all little planes like the FT Flyer and the FT Delta. Im looking to make something bigger and I need to know which planes work with the C size powerpack. I know the spitfire does and...
  17. G

    FT Bloody Wonder Weight Question

    Hi everyone, I am going to scratch build a Bloody Wonder out of Dollar Tree Foamboard, and I am wondering if covering the entire plane in packing tape or extreme packing tape so I could do combat would add too much weight? I will be using Flite Test's Power Pack C with a 3S 2200mah lipo.
  18. G

    FT Versa Wing

    Hi everyone, I am looking at getting the FT Versa Wing as my first scratch build, and I was wondering what the flight time is with the All In One Electronics Pack - Option 1 from Altitude Hobbies, and if the All In One Electronics Pack from Altitude Hobbies is the best option for electronics...
  19. Garret H

    Altitude Hobbies Power Pack Discussion/Suggestion Thread

    Hey guys, Garret from Altitude Hobbies here. I just wanted to stop in and say thank you to everyone here who has made the power pack combos from our store so popular over the last year. We sell a huge amount of these packs for FT's awesome builds, and we really appreciate the business. I also...
  20. O

    Universal Power Pack/Swappable?

    Hey guys, first post, love this stuff, I have a little heli but my passion was always for planes - and now I can afford it. I'm all ready to crash my first 4 dollar foam plane! woo hoo! not even gonna paint it 😜 So that brings me to the swappable. At first I thought there was this...