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Another plane a stick built Wayfarer find, had to install servos, tray and cut into the nose to get the old fuel tank out as it was too gummed up and leaking. Installed new tank and being an older plane a glow just would not sound right so put a Saito 50 four stroke in it. I put the Velcro for the battery in a T shape as it is so close for CG depending on which LIFE battery I use the CG will come out right.


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Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
Since it was previously glow, did you have any issue with fuel-soaked balsa? Seems like the stuff I get which was glow is always soaked and soft, meaning longer and more involved repairs.


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Knock on wood I usually try and check them over for soaked wood depending on how bad and price I may just pass on them, there is enough of this old stuff out there. I usually do not pay much for any of these planes as I am not so picky about looks just something to bash around. The Wayfarer I have about $100 bucks in it if I consider servos , tank and engine, but since I had all this stuff laying around my actual cost for the plane was $20.

I do not think this plane has even been flown or finished as there was nothing set up for servos or holes drilled in the firewall. Many of these old scratch builds I have picked up never seem to of been totally finished. Many are kinda ugly as sin but to me it does not really matter. I have my few that I am very picky about but these nope.