Weekly FPV air races/cruising/freestyle videos


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As a big FPV plane fan it would be cool to see just some mostly FPV flight videos. There isn't a ton of high quality content for FPV plane guys. The p38 air race episode is by far my favorite, but it left me wanting a lot more. The divebomber/flakpanzer episode was cool but only tiny bits of FPV footage. The Widgeon episode has zero footage from the DJI system.

It's awesome that you guys do these huge, grand, epic build projects. However it would be cool just to do a flight of the week video, maybe posted on Tuesday or something. Have another FPV race, or a freestyle flight through the property. Doesn't have to be anything crazy. Short intro of who is flying, what you are flying, then have fun.

Seems like the episodes have become 95% talking and less than 5% actual flight.

Would love to see a full pack flight. Explore the golf course more, chase another plane around, or go nuts with some aerobatics or proximity flying.


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