Well done Jeremy


Wake up! Time to fly!
Ok in contrast to my last post on FT voicing perceieved negativity I have to counter it a little to show I / we still LOVE what FT does.

The newest video Jeremy did brought back some of the good ole day feel for me.

Little bit of non traditional building, some real excitement and fun, a little bit of personal story. All the good points of old school FT.

Even the commercial was semi tolerable for me as there was some connection to Jeremy and his story.

As a fellow pilot with "issues" well done. It takes some fortitude to put things on that level of personal into the wilds if the internet. I am sure many of us can relate to that at some level.

Anyways grumpy and outspoken as I am still love you guys and what you bring to my little part of the universe.


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in contrast to my last post on FT voicing perceieved negativity
I will admit I took it as negative. I am also very pleased, even surprised at how well our Family responded to it. I thank you for that post and I sincerely hope that somebody at FT reads the thread and takes it to heart. You instigated a lot of really good content! :)

If you are uninformed (shame on you, read more! ;)) PsyBorg is talking about this thread:


You are right. @PsyBorg. Jeremy really captured that FliteTest spirit that drew me into this hobby. I honestly felt like he was addressing me, personally when he talked about letting go of perfectionism (I had to do that, and it's not easy).

So many negatives that got turned into so many positives. That's what we're all about with this Family. Negative into positive. I laugh like a maniac when I crash. That's stupid! I just crashed my plane. Nah, it's not stupid. What is stupid is how much fun I'm having.

You are right. Jeremy captured that. So? Go crash something and give us VIDEO! :p