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What about multiple FPV transmitters on a single platform?

I’ve seen the flite test guys do this before. When they got the new site, Josh built a plane with three cameras on it. One for himself and two for a couple of other members to control separately so he could show them around the grounds from the air. I didn’t notice any interference between the transmitters so when is that sort of thing a problem or is it ever a problem? I’ve got a project in mind for a passenger module similar to what Josh Bixler did, but I want something that can be easily attached or removed from any vehicle, but I want to make it as problem free as I can. Any ideas folks would like to add to this would be greatly appreciated. I have not purchased hardware yet.whatsapp web routerlogin
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You just put the cameras either through the flight controller, with a transmitter switch used to move between them, or have the video transmit on 3 different channels. You will only be able to view one camera at a time in your goggles.
If you use Raceband then adjacent channels have very little overlap, especially on lower power outputs. 3 all in one camera and VTX modules would be the simplest way to make your module, they are about $20 each and some have switchable power output. 25Mw is acceptable power up to 100m away without a lot of trees or buildings etc in the way. The higher the power output the more bleed through you get between channels.


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You can also mix in some circular polarized antennas. Right hand antennas and left hand antennas have a good rejection of each other. Keep in mind that even though FPV equipment has 40 channels, the channels overlap each other, you will only be able to use a maximum of 8 channels at the same time.
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