What am I missing?


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So of course, I bought some FPV goggles and a small camera from the FT store on a whim. I'm hoping they'll work together, but if not, the camera wasn't very costly so I don't mind if I need to buy another. However, I'm fairly sure I need a couple more parts.

Here's what I got:

Fat Shark Teleporter V5
Hyperion Mini 600 TVL Camera w/ built-in VTX

Does anyone know if these goggles include an antenna that can be used with this transmitter? And if not, a hint (or link) would be greatly appreciated.

I also probably need a voltage regulator/filter, don't I? I'm using a HobbyKing 25A ESC in my power setup and a 2200mAh 3S Turnigy lipo.


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The goggles should come with a regular antenna but you may want to replace it with a circular polarized antenna. When buying a new antenna make sure you match the one on the camera. In this case a RHCP antenna as the specs on the store state. The camera plugs into your receiver so you should be all set with that as long as you have an open channel.


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Just wanted to update; it works beautifully! The Teleporters don't really have a lot of FOV but I knew that going in. I'm impressed with the tiny camera though, even if the range is pitiful.


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Ditching those crappy dipole antennas that came with the TX / RX and getting a matched set of clover leaf type antennas will help that greatly. Distance, clarity and drop outs will be aided a lot just doing that change.